What’s stopping you?

What’s stopping you?


Do you ever feel like you are not living the life you want? Do you seem to be stuck in a job that is going nowhere? Is your financial situation bringing you down? Are you in an unhappy relationship? Do you wish you were more physically fit?


Regardless of whether you have one area or several areas of your life that are not quite going as planned, the good news is you have the ability to fix them. How you may ask.  Well, if you look at each aspect of your life you will find there is one common denominator – you.


In other words, at every point in your life, you play a role. It is often easy to take credit when things are working out as planned; however, have you also acknowledged your part when things aren’t going so well? Have you truly accepted responsibility for the situations you are in?


Yes, things happen. Life happens. And you don’t have the capacity to control others’ actions. Yet, regardless of the situation, you always have control over yourself. Therefore, you have the ability to identify people, places and things that support who you are, as well as recognize those that don’t align with who you are. In doing so, you can begin to associate yourself more with that which supports who you are at the core. This ability to better connect with your internal self, can ultimately lead you to greater joy and fulfillment in life. It also provides you with a tool to begin understanding others and how your actions may be impacting them.


The value of self-assessment is incredible because the reality is, you are the only common element in all areas of your life and at all times throughout your life. By gaining an awareness of your innate strengths and weaknesses, while also learning to recognize patterns you gravitate toward based on prior experiences, you can begin to recognize the why factor. Why are you dissatisfied? Why are you feeling anxious? Why are you arguing again with your significant other? Why were you passed up for another promotion?


Once you come to terms with the why, it is much easier to identify the what and how to improve a situation. You have a key to recognize and implement a solution. Therefore, if you want anything to be different in your life, it starts with you.



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