305ELab Programs

Designed to help you grow, scale, and reach the next level.


305ELab offers four programs tailored to meet your unique needs:


4-Week Accelerator

The 4-week accelerator program is designed to help entrepreneurs focus their time on the critical elements of an early-stage startup. We utilize the business model canvas as a basis for designing the curriculum. This allows us to review your business model in depth and hone in on key areas of relevance unique to your startup. In doing so, we are able to help you develop a plan to strengthen your foundation and provide you with the best mentors and advisors suited for your needs.  

In addition, the program includes leadership and organizational culture training. Both are critical in today’s world to ensure success and sustainability. Topics will include, but are not limited to, issues around legal consideration, diversity, leadership by example, and understanding your leadership team.

Another component of the program reviews key operational areas such as finance, operations, sales, marketing and legalities. Based on your team’s knowledge or skill gaps in some or all of these areas, you may require additional support after the module. As such, we have vetted a group of expert advisors in each area that will be available to work with you on specific questions unique to your startup (Additional fees will be required for work with advisors that goes beyond the basic educational sessions.).

The program also includes weekly pitch practice, networking and more pitch practice. Entrepreneurs are constantly selling their business idea, looking for resources, finding employees and seeking funding. Being able to learn how to refine your pitch, adapt it to each audience or situation, and make the right first impression is critical. Teams will get feedback from mentors, advisors and investors to help them develop the best pitching skills suited for their needs.


ENTR Coach

The ENTR Coach program is a one-on-one coaching/mentorship program designed for entrepreneurs that are near the end of early stage or in the later phases of their startup’s foundation. The program supports most industries that fit within our collective backgrounds and is available either face-to-face or virtually.

It is designed to help an entrepreneur that has specific business model problems to solve, needs refinement in their pitch deck, or simply wants a dedicated mentor. We understand many startups lack key resources to really help with those problems that can’t be solved by a google search, watching a video, or reading an article. Therefore, we work directly with you to identify the scope of support desired and work to reach a mutually agreed upon fee schedule.

During this program, you will not only get one of our team members assigned to work with you, but you will also gain access to our entire mentor and advisor network. This will help to ensure you get the best expertise to tackle your key issues.

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Corporate ENTR

The Corporate ENTR program is focused on helping corporations connect with the entrepreneur community. Many companies have lost their entrepreneurial spirit as they have grown and scaled, while others are looking for ways to support their product development teams with innovative ideas.

This program has three tracks of focus, which include crowdsourcing, innovation, and intrapreneurship. The following outlines the scope of each; however, there is also flexibility to develop a program based on your company’s unique needs.

Crowdsourcing: Through a network of entrepreneurs, business professionals, and team collaborators, 305ELab can organize crowdsourcing initiatives that are customized to a corporate’s needs. The end result is multiple solutions for a specific issue, while ensuring confidentiality is maintained.

Innovation: Many corporations have the resources to build new products and services but often lack the innovative teams to develop the ideas. 305ELab has the ability to organize pitch competitions designed for a specific cause. Such challenges allow teams of entrepreneurs to generate unique solutions and present them to a panel of judges. The end result is a collection of the best ideas produced and available for your use.

Intrapreneur Workshops: Looking to develop your internal team to think more like an entrepreneur? 305ELab offers educational workshops to help create in-house intrapreneur teams. Whether you are looking to become more innovative, risk literate, or resource savvy, we can tailor a program to meet your needs.

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Telecom Center

The Telecom Center of Excellence is a program designed for companies within the telecommunications industry. Startups that have a telecom related technology or an Internet of Things (IoT) product or service are sought out to participate. This industry-specific program has an incubator-like foundation and offers developmental support for new ideas. While it is unique to each participant, some of the services that may be provided include:

  • Development of a management team
  • Access to development resources
  • Access to investors with specific funding for telecom products and services
  • Sales support
  • Access to senior executives at most global telecommunication providers

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Not quite sure which program is best suited for your needs? We are here to help! We have customizable packages to fit your growing needs, whether big or small. Our team is vast and our tools and resources are designed to support a variety of interests for small and large organizations. Contact us. We would be happy to discuss the best options for your needs.